I look forward to the day that I no longer talk about my back, but alas, I am still in the figuring things out phase. My latest challenge: the bathroom; the last time of the day can cause pain. The first time and the day time: not so much. I’ll have to reread my MRI report; it sure appears that I have a disk issue too. Just looked: I do. Disk is bulging.

The day to day life: MUCH better. MUCH.

Workout notes: 2000 meter swim then, at home, a 2.18 mile walk.

the swim: 500 of side/back Then:

200 swim/drill with fins
200 in 4:00

200 swim/drill with fins

200 in 3:56 (swam with more abandon.

200 swim/drill with fins

100 in 1:56

100 swim/drill fins

100 in 1:57

100 swim/drill fins

100 cruise (2:06)

Then home for the walk.

Walk was fine; must a bit heavy legged. I did the extra half lap on Cooper.

No commute walk today.

Note: my new office chair cushion appears to be very good.

Figuring it out

I’ve had back flare ups at night; often after a bowl movement. I have to be careful during and after. Last night’s wasn’t as bad as the previous two, but I felt it.

I also altered my morning workout, taking out some stuff to limit the stress on my back. But I did things.

First: extended PT. Lots of it, including the kneeling on one knee hip flexor stretches.

Then 20 flat push ups, then pull ups with a belt. This time, I did singles in sets:

5, 4, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4 taking care to keep my knees in front of me and to keep a flat back, and most reps were partial reps..not quite over the bar for most. Then I did a set of negatives, and I also did some holds. Result: almost zero pain; last time, I was limping afterward.

Then I did 3 more sets of 20 flat push ups (PT in between) then 20 incline push ups.

Downstairs: 3 sets of 10 x 134 bench presses

10 x 134, 10 x 184 low dead lifts and I decided to call it a day. I felt fine.

Back upstairs for a 2 mile walk and it was easy; averaged under 12 mpm. Later: 1 mile commute walk (16 mpm) over lunch.

total time: 30 minutes PT inside, 50 minutes on the porch, 30 minutes downstairs, and 25 minutes walking.

The pull ups look…well…like I am struggling. But I’ll get better; I was improving by the 4’th set. But these ARE harder.

And for the most part, my back felt pretty good during the day; now-a-days, it usually does. Got to fix those new night flares though.