Little things

B to the doctor for her hand..already had eye stuff.

Locker: did not work. staff to open.

Still, 2200 swim in relatively warm water went ok.

250 (5:10?) 250 side, 250 back, 250 drill/swim with fins.

500 in 9:12 (chased Jason..did ok)

250 pull in 4:40

250 drill swim

100 in 1:41, 50 drill/swim, 50 in 0:48

Weight: 199.5 before, 198.1 after (like that)

3.1 mile walk; final 2 was 27:40 but it took me a while to get going.

I kind of wandered all over the place…pain free.

Eventful weekend

Well, power went off last night; off for 12 hours…and the house ended up smelling, but it was not a gas leak.

B is feeling better..but has a doctor’s visit for her hand tomorrow. My guess: surgery in the near future.

I didn’t lift in the basement (too dark) but I did:

pull ups: sets of 5/5 partials (6-7) and some negatives/holds. Got some fringe pain in the glute; have to remember to lock everything.

walk 10 with band (55 reps) then 5 more sets of 10 with more banded walk; full PT, of course.

walk: 27 min 2 miler..meh.

then a commuter walk over lunch

Got through it ok, though I missed my coffee! Note: the 16 oz diet Pepsi I drank..probably not a great substitute.