Recovered from a down internet…

Today: PT, swim at the Y, walk afterward (second mile was slower..trouble with downhills)

The swim: 2000 meters

500 in 11:09

500 of mixed (250 back total, 200 side total, 50 breast)

then 100 drill /swim fins

200 in 3:58

100 drill/swim fins

100 in 1:57

100 drill/swim fins

2 x 50: 55, 56

100 drill/swim fins

100 drill/swim fins

100 in 1:56

Back note I lied down for a bit..got up (evening) and felt the sciatica (and toe) pain..big time…worst I’ve felt it. It was kind of a dull pain; clear what it was…right in the glute.

Stretching cleared it up.

Friday: 2000 yard swim then a quick 2 mile walk afterward. Highlight: got 200 in 3:56, my best of the season.

That was nice, given how bad of a back attack I had on Friday.