Hills still give me trouble

2000 meter swim (two more to go this year) followed by a hilly 2.4 mile walk.
And those hills; the downhill sections set me off…a little…basically the downhills are to me now the way 2+ miles were to me in May or June; tolerable but there are definite symptoms.

I can’t seem to attain a posture that helps.

The swim: very drill heavy, and I actually had a couple of decent 100 meter back stroke reps (stayed straight enough to not hit the lane lines on my second rep.)

500 of 100 side, 100 back

300 drill/swim (fins)

200 in 4:05 (LMAO…good Lord, I didn’t think I was THAT slow, but..I was loafing)

300 drill/swim (fins)

200 in 3:57 (more like it..but it was an effort)

100 drill/swim

100 in 1:57

100 drill/swim

4 x 50 on short rest, trying to streamline and not go too hard. 1:01, 1:02, 1:01, 58 (last rep felt really good)

Then came my walk and the first 1.2-1.3 (uphill) sections felt ok.

Possible: I was slow because the swim, as wimpy as it was, took something out of me.

September 12: good day

Low pain today..that is good.

Workout: got a late start and did a LOT of PT.

pull ups: 6 sets of 5 partials and 2 sets of negatives. Pain free more or less

Push ups: during the PT: 10 sets of 10 flat between PT sets..did these prior to the pull ups.

Walk: 2 miles at a good clip on the Moss course

weights: less than 30 minutes, 3 sets of 10 each: curls, high incline (94), bench 134.

Later: 1.2 mile commuter walk.