Stings, yellow jacket and piriformis

Yesterday: PT was productive. I also found out that I have trouble getting my glutes to fire independently; I either fire one other muscles OR both at the same time. I also found out that I do “clamshell” with the correct motion but I tend to use groin/thigh in addition to the glute.

Then, when I took out the trash, I found out that yellowjackets were making a nest in the trashcan and got a sting on my ring finger on my left hand; it surprised me. So I got some stuff for them.

Today: yoga with Ms. V (lots of IT/piriformis), attempted walk (just over a mile; yeah, it was hurting at the very end; should have kept it to 10-12 minutes) then 45:30 on the bike (14 fake miles) at the Riverplex. Note: the home bike (which we bought for B) is adequate for what I want to do; the only beef I have is resistance goes from “easy” to “impossible” very quickly; hard to fine tune.

Weird…the shoulder doesn’t have nearly as much sensation, but, in some sense, the glute is more troublesome but possibly further along.