Knife in the butt

Well, the lay-off from walking has not improved my piriformis, at all. I am setting up some future PT, but of course, next week is out due to…jury duty. Grrr..

Shoulder: some ache last night; probably too much free on Friday. I have an adjustment that might work.

I did workout:

1.5 mile walk (called 2.4 by Garmin); first mile was ok but 1/4 of a mile later; pain.

I am wondering if I shouldn’t do 1 mile walks just to warm up my piriformis for stretching.

Then..after stretching and attitude adjusting…

pull ups (55…20 on the 10 seconds, 5, 10 singles, 10 reps, then 2 sets of 5)

push ups: 40, 40, 30

bench press: several shrugs, 2 sets with the empty bar; 10 x 94, 5 x 94 close grip (felt bad), 2 more sets of 10 x 95

curls: 4 sets of 10 x 50

shoulder: 10 x 65 close grip, 2 sets of 10 x 85 usual grip; 3’rd set was better; 2n’d set was too shallow.