Discussions in bad faith

One of the things I’ve followed, at least a bit, is the issue of requiring “diversity statements” from job applicants (common for academic jobs in this era). Here is one example.

What I find discouraging is the bad faith in the discussion. Someone says “I don’t think diversity statements are a good idea” and immediately the crowd attacks them for supporting White Supremacy …or something.

It seems to be “situation X is bad/problematic/should be changed and therefore I propose policy A and if you disagree with policy A, it MUST be because you don’t see situation X as a problem.

And as evidence that policy A is good, they point out self selected testimony from groups affected by situation X think that policy A is a good idea.

Now, as far as the diversity statement stuff: if this policy was billed as “ok, we’ll try this and reassess to see if it worked” that would be one thing.

If they said “after requiring diversity statements”, we saw some tangible improvement, say, better minority student retention, increased minority student GPA, more minority student graduates, or say, a more diverse faculty, or a more productive minority faculty..or more of the “diverse faculty” choosing to stay, then hey, count me as a supporter!

But this business about “you are bigot if you are skeptical of this” or for waiting to see if things change for the better…well, the wokes are acting more and more like the old religious nutters.

too lazy…

Yesterday: painful 1.3 mile walk (pain started at 1.05 miles; 16:00) but the exercise bike 40:20 for 20k, was fine.

Then came the PT appointment; new stretches, massage, and the PTA got right to the point; she was able to reproduce the pain almost exactly with pressure.

Hope is on the horizon.

Then, I went to a Chiefs game with Ms. V. The Chiefs had a good first inning (home run on the first at bat) and lead 2-0. But a bad top of the 5’th put them behind 6-2…7 of the 9 innings were scoreless. So the Beloit Snappers won again, as they did on Wednesday night (9-4). There were more people at today’s game than Wednesday’s; 2-4 dollar beers is better than 1 dollar hotdogs?

Wednesday night: pretty empty

Thursday with Ms. V.

Today: lazy…stayed up too late watching another Bond movie. I think I like the cheesy ones better now…that I EXPECT them to be cheesy. This was “Never Say Never” again.

Today: limited walk (.75 miles; tingles but not the onset of pain…after a lot of stretching), PT/Rehab and

pull ups (10 singles, 10-10-10, 5-5), sissy pushups (3 sets of 40), curls (4 sets of 10, 1 of 5; last two with the curl bar and first 3 with the large multi-grip bar), 3 sets of 10 rows, more rehab.
outdoor stuff: lots of power tools…ugh…