Shoulder ache: still there. So, I skipped swimming; did yoga (decent), shoulder PT and 20 km on the exercise bike (39:20).

Wonder what the appointments will bring.

Off…will this be the resumption of mathematics for me?

Note: last night was sort of rough but the morning/day wasn’t that bad. Weirdly: naproxen almost makes it worse; it is as if the micro swelling braces stuff up.

THAT was a bust.

Ok, Jury duty again. This time I got to be questioned by the judge and then the attorneys. I was dismissed by the State attorney; of the 7 that came before me the state attorney agreed to all of them; defense dismissed one.

Reason: long and short, I was/am a friend of the defense attorney. I agree with the call.

I still swam and got a full set of pull ups (50 reps) and push-ups (3 sets of 40); achy shoulder caused me to skip the presses.

swim: 300 of 100 side, 100 breast, 100 side, 300 of kick (no stroke, with fins), 200 of side, 200 of kick drills (one 25 free per 100) (fins), 200 side, 400 fins (last 100 was free; rest were 75 kick, 25 free) 4 x 50 (alt free, pull).

Very gentle.