Frivolous weekend

No issues to discuss in this post; I am mulling over a few things…knowing darned well that they aren’t going to change.

Yesterday was the Steamboat Classic 4 mile race; there were 918 finishers of the 4 mile. I was not one of them. I went to cheer on Tracy and snap a few photos and videos; these are “public access” (start video is here, stills: here, here, here)

Strangely, I really didn’t miss being out there. Walking has been so painful for so long, I almost felt relieved to not being compelled to do it…BUT I am also hopeful for a recovery. I AM feeling better.

Me: I cheered, stressed the priformis a bit with lots of standing and walking, walked .92 miles and did 57:30 worth of stationary cycling at the gym. (ok; just over 14 miles; slow lap over 9 minutes, fastest 7:40…fastest recorded (by others) were low 4 minute laps.

Today: deadlifts:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224
“on the 3”: 3 x 256, 3 x 256, 3 x 256, 3 x 256, 3 x 261 (too much back on this set?)

high: 3 x 274, 3 x 274 (these felt good)

Yes, I saw a couple of Chiefs games: last night: sparse crowd saw the Chiefs get blown out 15-8 in an affair that saw both teams hit multiple home runs. Still it was 8-0 at one point and 15-5 going into the bottom of the 9’th. This was with Tracy; attendance was low.

Today: the Chiefs played better and won 6-3, getting good pitching from the starter and relievers. Attendance was somewhat better; this one was with Harry and Vickie.

Lifting: shown is 10 x 224, the 4’th set of 3 x 256, 3 x 261 and the first set of 3 x 274

Chiefs came:

Saturday night:

Sunday afternoon: