Exhausted…politically speaking..perhaps…

No, I am not physically nor intellectually:

workout notes: slow walked my workout.
rotator cuff
pull ups: 4 sets of 10, 2 of 5
goblet squats: 2 sets of 6 x 25, 6 x 50
bench: 10 x 135, 4 x 185
incline: 10 x 140
decline: 10 x 165 (easy)
shoulder press: 10 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated, supported, 7 x 85 barbell (standing)
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 110 machine
hex dead lift: (handles turned down): 6 x 135, 6 x 185, 1 x 225 (struggle), 6 x 185
plank: 2:30

Weight: 192. bloated from too much hot cereal; I was eating portions that worked well for me 4 years ago..I am older now. Time to cut back. Still, the pull ups were fine (and I worked out in sweat pants)

Exhausted: I know that David Brooks can write “cliche columns” but I agree with much of what he says here:

There are two power blocs driving politics today. First, there’s the proletariat. These are the working-class voters who go to Trump rallies in the U.S. and powered Brexit and Boris Johnson’s campaign in the U.K. They see their best world receding and they want a tough guy to bring it back.

Second, there is the precariat. These are the young and educated voters caught in the gig economy, who see no career security ahead. They want leaders like Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn who will promise enveloping policies — free college, free internet, free child care — to give them some sense of safety.

These two groups are different in some ways. When the proletarians attack their enemies, they do so from a position of perceived social inferiority, so their attacks are resentful and brutal. When the precariat attacks, it does so from a position of perceived moral superiority, so its attacks are filled with ridicule, mockery and scorn.

But the movements do have parallels. Both are driven by a fear of the future, and of each other. Both have a tendency to embrace catastrophic, apocalyptic visions of the ruin around us. Dystopia has become the opiate of the activist class.

Haunted by economic insecurity, they will tolerate any sin in their leader — racism, anti-Semitism, dishonesty — so long as that person is willing to fight and be on their side. They both support massive, unrealistic policy proposals, because they reject the idea that politics is simply the muddled way we settle differences with people we disagree with.


People in the exhausted camp are tired of having politics thrust in their face every hour. As Ryan Streeter of the American Enterprise Institute has found, young people who are “lonely at least once in a while” are more than seven times more likely to be active in politics than those who are socially active. Those who are exhausted have other things to do. They want to restore politics to its rightful place, and find meaning, attachment, entertainment and morality in something else besides Twitter wars and election campaigns.


But the chief feature of the voters in the exhausted group is timidity. They do not get energy from conflict, the way, say, Trump does. Their instinct is to keep their heads down and just get through this craziness.

I might NOT label it “timidity.” Few who know me would call me “timid.” But I simply walk away from discussion now. I quit engaging Bible beaters a long time ago; if they want to think that the universe is less than 10K years old, there is little I can do to change their mind. And the same goes with the ulta-woke and their ridiculous social codes that THEY think that THEY have the power to enforce.

I just hope that the Democratic party leaders learn the lessons from yesterdays UK elections …from what I can tell, the Twitter liberals haven’t.

Labour blown away at the polls…will Democrats learn?

Workout notes: no yoga today; 5.1 mile run in:

Pretty sorry..but the run started in darkness and I was 30:30 half way and 49:10 with 1.05 to go and 58:05 at Main Street and Maplewood..so at least I ran the final .2 (or so) reasonably well.

I felt good though.

Politics: is there some lesson for the Democrats?

And Titania had some fun with it:

Oh, don’t count on the wokes to change; “wokes gonna be woke”..

(this was the Brexit vote)

A woke will just figure that they didn’t call enough people “racist.”

I sure hope we nominate someone that understands how people think. Yes, Warren is losing steam..for now. I honestly think that she is too dyed in the wool as an academic to be a good politician. I think most people like simple, direct messages and not every moment is an invitation to a lecture.

Notice what Joe Biden does here:

(note: I don’t pay any attention to the kid, but Trump attempting to engage the kid is in the news and look at how simple Joe Biden keeps it. There is no long winded blather about patriarchy, sexism, etc. )

Yes, Joe has problems but I think he is good in this aspect.

And as far as Trump: no, we won’t get the hard core Trump voters; we MIGHT be able to peel off a few of the regretful ones in the swing states, IF we play our cards right. But we have to understand the appeal: