Self talk during a workout

I’ll have more to say later this evening, but right now it will be about working out. Weight: OMG..193..but I did eat very late last night.

Workout: yoga then due to snow and cold..the plan was to just run 5 miles (40 laps of the outer lane, with 8 laps being 1.096 miles) but due to people on the track and some old guy timing intervals off of me, I ended up picking it up more than usual: 12:00, 10:32, 10:25, 10:28 (43:26) I knocked it off after 4; well 4.38 in 43:26 (about 9:55 mpm average; or about 9:33 average for 3.28 miles) as it was becoming, well, “too much work” and I wanted to leave something for the rest of the day.

Then a 11:03 mile on the treadmill finished it up for 5 for the day.

As usual, there were a LOT of old people on the track and …ugh…well, I think “that is ME in 10 years and I don’t like that” and that got me to thinking about retirement.

I’d love to see “retirement” as “you did great at work and you no longer have to work.” But instead it is “you’ve declined so much that you really can’t work effectively anymore.”