Ah sleep

I finally slept well…I might know why. We’ll see; I do have a revision of a paper to do and yet another paper to finish. Busy winter break for me.

Yesterday: nice “hill” workout: jogged to Bradley Park, (took a 1 mile route to get there) and did the “run hard up the hills” (and one flat sprint) and walk, then jog recovery. I got out of breath on the hills, which is the point. But my body felt ok. Long and gentle today.

I watched a couple of games; Illinois State football season came to an end with a hard fought 9-3 loss at North Dakota State; the defense played very well, and this was very different from the 37-3 kicking I saw earlier this year. So ISU went 8-4 in the regular season and won 2 more games, prior to losing in the quarterfinals. Great season!

Then I watched Navy polish off Army 31-7, getting 301 yards rushing from its quarterback (and all of 1 yard passing..from a wide receiver). Army had won the previous 3 in a row; once it was an “upset” and the other two times, Army was just better. Not today.

Interestingly enough, I complained (with hashtag) about Trump wearing a campaign ball cap to the coin toss. I incorrectly called it a MAGA hat (it was a KAG campaign hat, so the substance of my complaint: wearing a campaign hat at a CIC type of event, still stands.

I don’t have a big Twitter presences (only 44 followers on my sports account, and many of them are probably bots) but the tweet generated some heat.