Workout catch up

Yes, I worked out today, Sunday (not much; 22 minutes on the hotel bike plus stretching), Saturday (deadlifts, bike), Friday (standard upper body and bike) and Thursday (yoga, walk; 3 miles outside)

If there are highlights:

Saturday’s deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224
low handle: 5 sets of 3 x 270 on the 3 minutes

1 x 301 4 inch, 3 x 301 4 inch

Today: 4o singles, set of 10, then 2 sets of 5 chins

push ups: 30 sissy, 20 feet elevated, then 5 sets of 10 including 3 “touch the bowl”, 1 flat, 1 more on the bars
rows (3 sets) curls, 3 sets, then shoulder press: 10 x 86, 10 x 91, 10 x 94 (all ok)

Note: no banded walks today; did them on Friday though.

Glute pain: some on the walk back from the stadium, but it was fine after I stretched it enough. It HAS improved from last month. Shoulder is about 90-95 percent.

Another football weekend

Saturday: saw the Illini dominate Northwestern 47-14. I figured the 6.5 point favorite Illini would win and cover the spread, but I had it something like 17-3. But NW had unforced turnovers and made unforced mistakes; this was very much unlike their play in recent years.

And 47-14 ..the game was actually worse. It was 28-0 right off the bat and 37-7 at the half. The Illini dominated every single phase of the game.

I treated my wife and nephew to Colonnades Club tickets as it was rather cold. I watched the first 3 quarters from my usual seats, and then climbed to the upper deck to get a sunset shot, then down to the horseshoe for the final few minutes.

Then we drove to Indianapolis to return her nephew and then take in the Buccaneers vs Colts game. The Colts lead 24-14 at the half and appeared to be on their way for a 3’rd quarter score, but a strip sack changed momentum.

The Bucs got to 31-24 before the Colts tied it on a long drive, featuring the run game they went away from. But with 2 minutes to go, Tampa drove in for the wining score with 22 seconds to go (seems familiar)

A long kick return gave the Colts some faint hope, but a final desperation pass was intercepted.

Some video and photos: