Bears vs Ravens

Well, about the game: The Ravens went with their backup rookie quarterback and kicked a couple of field goals; the Bears did have one long touchdown “run after the catch” to go up 7-6.

Of course the Ravens managed to go up 9-7 which appeared to be how it would end…

Then with 1:48 to go, 4’th down…long TD pass to go up 13-9! Maybe the Bears had them!

Of course not…then came the only TD drive for the Ravens; converted with 22 seconds and the Bears out of time outs.

The Bears made it to midfield but got sacked on the final play; as one fan said “it was like getting kicked in the balls by your ex wife..”

My trip: for future reference: made it out the door by 7 am and into the Wells Street Parking lot just before 10 am.

Seats: 133, row 1. Yes, front row of an NFL game. I did love seeing the crowd and being near the players as they warmed up; it did humanize them a bit. It was a bit like watching the game from the bench.

You did miss the end of some plays though; it wasn’t the best vantage point to see the whole field..though you did get a good sense of how fast the players are and how hard they hit. Tremendous athletes!

And you could see them talking to each other…competition plus mutual respect.

I’ll say more about how this compares at the end of this post.

Arrow points to me, cheering a touchdown:

Workout catch up

Monday: strength, 32 minutes bike due to Sunday’s trip to the Bears game (walked about 3.5 miles total); 5 miles and stretching prior to leaving for the game. I did have to stretch a few times, especially on the way back: some pain.


pull ups: 1-2-3-4-5, 5-4-3-2-1, 1-2-3-3-2-1, 10 then two sets of 5 chins

push ups: 25, 25 sissy, 15-10 deep (flat), 20 feet elevated, 10 perfectly flat

indoor: rows: 3 sets of 10 x 116, 3 sets of curls, shoulder presses: 10 x 85, 85, 95

rehab included banded walks, then 32 minutes bike.

Today: 3.15 miles of walking after yoga; stretch after 16, 30, 40 and 45 minutes. The first mile felt GREAT.