Workout Progress


pull ups (8 sets of 5, set of 10, 2 sets of 5 chins)

some rehab

push ups (superset with pull ups: 2 sets of 20 sissy, 20 feet elevated, 20 normal, then 2 sets of 10, 1 set of 5 where I touch a target with my chest to get more depth.

shoulder presses: 10 x 70, 76, 81, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 116, curls: 3 sets of 10 x 50

then 33 minutes cycling (Indoor)

Today: deadlifts, mild rehab, cycling (31:30)

deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 226

on the 3: 5 sets of 5 x 261 (not that hard; focused on hip hinge)

4 inch handle: 3 x 274 (easy), 2 singles with 306 (felt hard) Slight back strain.

8 inch handle: 10 x 265 (pretty easy)

Deadlifts are moving along, though there appears to be a big difference between 301 and 306 in the 4 inch handle.

Shoulder: were the “touch the bowl” push ups TOO much ROM for me, right now?

Push ups: latter is too much?

Another asymmetry

The clip is mostly asking Democrats to “dial it back.” Yes, he acknowledges the rage from the right wing is more shrill and more intense.

But there is something. The block of rabid, right wing MAGAs is, frankly, larger than any block the Democrats have. And it seems that much that comes from liberals (at least on social media) is “oh, you believe this…I HATE YOU…don’t you KNOW how BAD I HATE you!!!” and that is supposed to convince someone.

If you are in a tiny minority…no matter how righteous your cause is (or you THINK it is), rage will not change anyone’s mind. It is the wrong game plan, FOR US.

Maher goes on to note how it is NOT about “the issues.”

You can’t win over people who HATE YOU…and we seem to seek out such hate. There is an asymmetry here.

Now about the “National Divorce”: I want one. But I don’t want 2 countries. I want THREE. I don’t want MAGA-land (and their insistence that COVID is a hoax, or overblown…denial of science). I don’t want woke-a-stan either where even BRIDGE OPERATORS (they make a draw bridge go up and down) have to pursue equity and social justice

and any semblance of merit is called “white supremacy” and sex is a social construct. I don’t want the police abolished.

I want a third country which has a mix of people who can at least agree on some kernel of reality and have arguments/discussions on how to proceed from there.

Two on the road

I watched Illinois beat Penn State 20-18. Ok, this went to 9 overtimes, with overtimes 3-9 being a single 2 point conversion attempt. It was 10-10 in regulation and the teams traded 5 unsuccessful attempts at a 2 point conversion. Then in the 8’th, both teams made them.

Statistically, SAVE THE TURNOVERS, Illinois dominated the game, running almost at will between the 20’s. This was the mirror image of the Wisconsin game. But at the end of regulation, it was 10-10.

But this time, Illinois made the plays.

After that, I switched on ESPN+ to watch the conclusion of the Illinois State vs no. 15 South Dakota and the Redbirds held on to win, 20-14, making a stop on downs with 2 minutes to go (at the 4 yard line) and then getting an interception to seal the win.