Weekend Workouts

I did NOT formally walk.

What I did: Saturday, some rehab and 32 minutes on the exercise bike; I did walk to and from the football game (.7 miles each way) and made it without stopping due to pain.

Sunday; deadlifts, and stationary cycling (31 minutes) and some stretching.

Note: as far as the cycling: a few months ago, I started with .25 miles hard, .75 miles easier resistance. Now it is .5/.5 or 1/1, Today: .5 easy, 1.5 hard up to mile 9, then 10’th was all easy.

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, then 10 x 224.
on the 3: 4 sets of 3 x 262, 1 set of 5 x 262 (best for 5 reps; still had more in the tank.
4 inch: 3 x 274 (easy), 3 x 301 (3’rd rep..right side of the upper glute/lower back; slight twinge

8 inch: 10 x 270

Note: now that I have gotten up to doing reps with 260+, maybe I’ll try my bigger bar for my sets of 3, not that it really matters.