Break Day 2

Well, the mini break was good but it too will end.

Sunday: rehab, 55 minutes of walking: 10 minutes, 31 minutes (with one break), 14 minutes (probably 3.5 miles?)

I cheered the marathon and halt marathon runners going past my house. Yes, I wish I were with them, but more thoughts about that later.

Monday: I kept track this time;

Upshot: 1:35 to do…I mixed sets of push ups with pull ups and chins (and it went well), and in the shoulder press, I managed a set of 8 full reps with 81 before I quit, partly out of a twinge, and partly out of fear. I am perhaps 85 percent back with respect to my shoulder.

And today: yoga with Ms. V (was going to sleep in as I stayed up too late watching the Colts lose in overtime to the Ravens..thought the Colts were going to win it..) and 3 miles of walking, with breaks at 1.15, 1.88, 2.7..3.19 total. Not quite there; pain is less but it does come back, though I do have 10-15 minute stretches where I feel almost normal.