Being out of touch with today’s woke

Oh so long ago, ok, I did my undergraduate work from 1977-1981, and graduate from 1985-1991, there was one thing I wanted: to be treated fairly. As long as I had the some opportunities and was evaluated by the same standards everyone else was evaluated by, I was fine.

Keep in mind that within my lifetime, people were openly denied opportunities solely based on things like race and sex; that is, no matter how much aptitude and willingness to work they had, they were not given a shot.

That had changed when I entered the fray.
I was given a “fair whistle” (saying people use when talking about get treated fairly by the referees)

I was good with that.

Yes, it is possible that some evaluating me might have thought that, statistically speaking, Latinos had lesser aptitude and perhaps I was the one special case that did. But I was judging my experience on an individual level; I really did not care about their thoughts about group norms.

And that makes me an out-of-touch dinosaur.

Nice day

It did rain hard early but I got a late start; did some rehab, deadlifts, and watched some football.

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 (too much warm up?)

Sets of 3 every 3 minutes: 251, 251, 256, 256, 261

Change bars to the 8 inch handles:

3 x 300 (last rep..still sucks, felt the back just a tad, 10 x 260 (went fine)

Stretch, then the walk, which went better than expected. Stopped at 1.1, 2.0, then at 2.8 (just needed that final bit)

I really think I am close to being able to let loose on the walks, PROVIDED I stretch first…especially the back! Yoga class helps too.

The deadlifts: I filmed the 10 x 224, set 1 of 3 x 251, set 1 (4’th overall) of 3 x 256, 3 x 261, 3 x 300 (that last rep?), 10 x 260 (went fine).