Getting it in

2:21 included 40 minutes of deadlifting and 32 minutes of stationary cycling. I felt ok but am dragging now.

Of note: I moved to 100 total pushups (5 sets of 20; 2 were “sissy” but good range of motion, 1 was feet elevated.
pull ups went pretty well; 3 sets of 10
deadlifts: I was able to do a bit better with 134, 184. First set of 224: bailed at rep 6 as I just wasn’t situated correctly.
Tried again and got 10 rather easily; but I was bent over, as I usually am.
the 10 x 260 was no problem..and by the time I finished my legs were quivering slightly.

Made myself get on the bike; glad I did.

As a bonus: my PT filmed me doing a baby 1 legged Romanian dead lift; I need to practice these.