It isn’t what you see…

Today’s Electoral Vote map:

A conservative friend saw that and said something about they “not knowing Texas.”

And THIS is one things conservatives really suck at: understanding that there are things beyond what they can actually see around them.
Yes, Trump won Texas in 2016 by 52.6 to 43.4 percent. far as the map:

Clinton won
Dallas County 61.1
Travis County 66.3 (Austin)
Bexar County 54.5 (San Antonio)
El Paso County 69.1
Harris Count 54.2 (Houston)

You can see an interactive map here; and note that, as usual, the Democrats won the extreme southern part and Big Bend areas as well.

Show them that..and they’ll respond about the signs that THEY have seen. That there is a large world outside of that…just does not compute with them.

And sure, Trump leads in Texas; narrowly for now and in all likelihood, go on to hold that lead. But things change.

Check out the 1976 map: the Republican (Ford) won both California and Illinois and yet managed to lose the election anyway. That was when Jimmy Carter won; this was the last election I didn’t vote in (too young, by just a tiny bit)

Check out the 1992 map, just 16 years later:

A Democrat won Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri..Louisiana and Arkansas. And..lost Virginia..a state that Obama and Clinton won.

Now forward to 2008, another 16 years later:

Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia long gone..not even close anymore.

So, what will 2020 bring? Which red states will “do a Virginia” and will any blue states do a “West Virginia” and become unreachable to us?