And I underestimate the amount of racism out there

I came across this tweet from the Ann Coulter feed:

No, I haven’t checked the data out. But even if the data is spot on (and it may well be), it kind of misses the point of BLM.
The basic premise is that law enforcement doesn’t treat black people fairly and we (those who support BLM) want it to do so; we want EVERYONE to be treated the same way in the same situation.
BLM is not about some “us vs. them” situation where you have black people as some sort of team that everyone in the group is responsible for.
We just don’t want law enforcement to act in a prejudiced manner; we want every human to be judged by what they do..and police actions to be determined by the situation and the actions of the individual and NOT influence by whether the person is black or not.

And NO, I am NOT saying that the individual that made this tweet is racist.

But I am calling attention not to the tweet itself, but rather to some (NOT all) of the discussion downthread and that is where you see the racism.

Some raise decent or reasonable points, example: police too ought to be judged by the individual officer, and frankly, I *still* think most police are good at their jobs.

But some make the following argument: it is fair and reasonable to treat black people differently because their demographic has a higher crime rate than other demographics. That is, it is fair and reasonable to treat black people differently because of the color of their skin rather than treat them individually according to the situation and their own actions.

And that is textbook racism.

I underestimated how much of this kind of racism is out there.