Reaching my old bench press

Though my lifetime best bench press was 310, I did that when I weighed 230 lb. I got 300 at a body weight of 226 back in 1985. But at my current weight (197-198) my best bench press was about 260 or so.


today’s workout: at home: home basement, then home treadmill.
I did 10 sets of deadlifts: (collars: 5.5 lb. each)

6 x 132 hex
6 x 145 Sumo
6 x 145 conventional
1 x 189 conventional
1 x 233 conventional
1 x 255 conventional
1 x 260 conventional
6 x 233 Sumo
6 x 167 Romanian
6 x 176 hex

That was my best deadlift workout in a very long time..and I had no back pain.

Then a 5 mile walk on the treadmill in 1:01:30; 12 minute mile for the last one.

The singles: really didn’t feel that bad. But the deadlifts took about 35-40 minutes to do; I got quite a bit of rest between sets. And that is the value of doing these at home.
As far as the weight being accurate: realistically, probably not, but close enough. What is certain is that I am stronger than when I first started; when I first started, I could NOT get 232 in my home basement set up, or 225 in the gym.

Of course, well, my max sucks but it sucks less than when I first started.

And that is my motto: suck a little less every day.

Final remarks: the last single didn’t feel THAT was challenge but I think I could have done a bit better.
and the 6 x 233 Sumo set was a major improvement from a few days ago when I couldn’t get 1 x 233. Then again, I was nice and warmed up this time.

Bradley women dominate a good Northern Iowa team 61-47

Northern Iowa came in with an 11-5 record which included wins over Iowa (NCAA in 2019), Iowa State and Missouri. They had made the NIT last season.
But Bradley put on the best defensive performance I’ve ever seen from a Bradley team, holding them to 17 first half points and lead 28-17 at the half. It was a low scoring game..with the score 3-2 after 5 minutes of play.

The 3’rd quarter saw BU step it up on offense while maintaining its smothering defense..the lead was 47-26 after 3 quarters. The lead built up to 21 before a mini rally cut the lead to 10 with 1:20 or so to go.
It ended 61-47.

Bradley is getting respect nationally.