Workout notes: slept in due to being up too late (LSU vs. Clemson game) and ended up jogging my 10K course in 1:21; damp course but free of snow and ice..and it was sunny. In January in Illinois, this is as good as it gets; it was like a March/April day.

My legs WERE heavy from my pathetic little squat workout yesterday so I did take it hurry at all.

Meritocracy? I think that I am getting too old for academia. My view: medicine is good, and it continues to improve. Engineering is good, and continues to improve. Technology: improving by leaps and bounds. What that tells me: the people that work in these fields are pretty good at them. And those that do the theoretical research and the practical engineering and design in these fields are pretty good. That is, for the most part, we are getting the right people in these professions: meritocracy.

But that is NOT how the academic left sees it.

Look at the comments to this:

In academia, if the percentages for each subgroup aren’t equal…must not be a meritocracy.

Oh wait…Trump is president? Well, if you define “merit” as “getting people from the right states to vote for you…” that is what happens when you let unqualified people (e. g. ordinary voters) decide.