Trump: why the breach of trust is damaging

Yes, Trump killed Soleimani, who was a monster. And yes, I am no expert; I cannot argue that this was the right move (act on actionable intelligence) or the wrong move (destabilization) or even if Trump has the right people in place to deal with the anticipated counter attacks by Iran.

No, I don’t mourn Soleimani who was a monster. But, as the article stated:

But many in Washington believe that the killing of this dangerous man made the world a much more dangerous place, and now, in a moment of ominous quiet, a new landscape is being mapped. Among diplomats I spoke with familiar with the region, there was little doubt that Iran would respond forcefully to Soleimani’s killing […]

a number of diplomats I spoke with say Trump was in the right to strike to Soleimani. “Some criticizing President Trump are missing a major point. If the U.S. had information that further attacks were imminent against our diplomats or military personnel in the region, Trump had a legitimate reason to strike Soleimani. He had an obligation to protect our people,” Burns told me. But the administration has lost a significant amount of credibility in the past three years. There has been such an erosion in confidence, domestically and abroad, in not only what the Trump administration says but in its ability to construct a lucid foreign policy. “There is so much distrust of Trump in the region and among our allies, however, that he must now reveal specific and credible information that substantiates what Pompeo said this morning—the U.S. had to act in self-defense,” Burns continued. “Otherwise, he will not gain the support we need.” The White House and Defense Department have yet to describe what the imminent threats were that led to the decision.

So, I am not confident that the Trump administration knows what it is doing, or even if it did it for the right reasons. After all, Soleimani taunted Trump on social media.

Some think that maybe Trump had a political motive ..and he admitted that he wanted another country to dig up dirt on a political rival as a condition to receiving promised aid.

And evidently Trump told his inner circle about this ..some who reacted very inappropriately:

“Can of whoop ass?” Really…that might be fine for the “Rambo knows better than them-there experts and politicians” crowd but I’d expect our government to react to such things with somberness and seriousness.

Trump has done nothing to establish credibility or even that he takes it as seriously as a POTUS should. The man is unfit for office.