Before I forget

I seem to have a bit of trouble with short term memory lately.

So I am writing down what I did, before I forget:

rotator cuff
pull ups: 5 sets of 10; went ok
front squats: 6 x 45, 6 x 65, 6 x 85
bench press: 10 x 135, 3 x 185 (strong..didn’t want to push it), 5 x 175
decline press: 10 x 165 (easy..time to step it up)
shoulder press: dumbbell: 10 x 50, 10 x 45, 10 x 45
shoulder press: barbell: 4 x 95
rows (machine) 3 sets of 10 x 110
goblet squats: 6 x 25, 6 x 75, 6 x 75 (last set: touch the bench)
I played around with back squats; pretty bad (4 x 45, 4 x 95)
plank: 2:30
16 laps outer lane (walk) 29:14 (even pace).

I was more efficient with this workout; I didn’t feel weak which surprised me. I still don’t get why back squats are so hard for me to do at all; front seems easier.

They are better at politics than we are..

First: yesterday I braved the slippery roads to go to yoga class, and then got a sort-of-isolated treadmill to “run” 5 miles in 53:12; I did the 5.1 at the start and upped it every 5 minutes until 3 miles, (33:40) at which case I went to 6.0-6.1-6.2-6.3 every half mile or so. Yes, my last 2 in 19:32 is what constitutes “picking it up.” Weight: going up again..time to cut back on the food? (197)

I know that SOME of the gain is muscle but not nearly all of it.


There is a reason the right wing keeps winning election it has no business winning: they are better at it. Check out the headline from this article:

Exactly, and that is smart politics, in my opinion.

She is a kid that liberals lionize..for reasons that completely escape me. She doesn’t have new ideas, and, well, if you aren’t already convinced, is some kid going to change your mind? (yes, it happens in movies).

I think that politics is a lot about getting people to want to join your team, and R’s saying “OMG, look at these idiots..they are following some you REALLY want to be a part of that?” is good politics on their part. I think that the R’s get the “image” thing.

You want to vote Democrat? Then this is what you support…

Why should they confront us on facts and policy? They do just enough to make a show of it, knowing that the public gets into the “TL;DR” mode very quickly.