Democratic Debate

What I saw was soul crushing.
About the Sanders and Warren thing: I don’t know exactly what Sanders said. But what I find amusing:

1. Some feminists say that female candidates will be hampered by sexism and misogyny.
2. So if you say “then it will be easier for a male to beat Trump”, they attack you for saying that.

I do think that Warren’s attempt to counter the perception that males are more electable fell flat:
1. Bernie Sanders DID unseat a Republican incumbent less than 30 years ago: it was in November 1990, which was 29 years, 10 months ago. She seemed “deer in the headlights” struck when Sanders pointed it out (even if some woke morons tried to call that “mansplaining.”)
2. Her remark about her and Klobuchar being the only ones to not lose an election: yes, I am glad that Warren won as a D in Massachusetts ..which is different than running as a D in Indiana. But she did get out performed by Obama by about 7 points in her 2012 Senate race and..yes, even Obama lost an election (a D primary vs. Bobby Rush).

Otherwise: Joe was ok..same old, same old, Warren made me cringe, Bernie was Bernie..Amy worked hard some pointed out..appeared to be making the case for Senate reelection. I LIKE Mayor Pete but the experience is not there..and I care not at all about the billionaire who needs a hobby; the environmental activist that made a lot of money off of fossil fuels.

As it sits, my choices are:

1. Amy Klobuchar
2. Joe Biden (realistically, my no. 1 as Amy has some tough sledding)
3. ???? This is a toss up between Peter Buttigeig’s charisma sans experience and Warren’s complete lack of charisma (political charisma ..check out the bottom 10 Senators per constituent approval)
5. Sanders
6. The rest…sigh..

I feel that Trump will be reelected ..though I see this as a 60/40 proposition. It isn’t hopeless. But …well, it is an uphill climb. And I know little:

I do feel attacks like “only the top 1 percent are doing well” will fall flat because that simply isn’t true; Trump’s economic numbers really aren’t that bad.

reality strikes again: weight room

Today: 2 mile walk after weights (used low heel shoes)

Weights: Kind of a mixed bag.
pull ups and rotator cuff: 3 sets of 10, 1 set of light goblet squats
Hex deadlifs: 5 x 135, 3 x 185 then
miss 225,
1 x 225
3 misses at 250
1 x 225
1 x 235
miss 245, miss 240
6 x 185 (strict…no bounce, touched and paused all but 1)
sumo dead: 6 x 185, strict.

After this: 2 sets of 10 pull ups (good), rotator cuff
3 sets of clean and press: 10 x 95, 8 x 95, 7 x 100 (not a bad set…lower to arms parallel with shoulders)
3 sets of rows
side plank (mindful of arm angle)

Issue: I had a decent 10K run yesterday, and that will degrade a maximum effort hex bar deadlift..that is just reality.

The good new is that my legs just glowed..pumped..I did myself some good but I am really weak.