Yeah, I know; there is a removal trial in the Senate.
And yeah, well, something else is going on that affects someone who is dear to me (completely expected)
And classes start tomorrow; I didn’t get research done during break but I did get a vacation plus a LOT of committee work done.

And before I go to give platelets (lifting day tomorrow…should be ok for aerobic activity in a day or two)..

Class preparation plus:

1) yoga with Ms. V. She did an old style legs
2) 10K shuffle outside (1:22); it was cold but perhaps 8-10 F warmer than when I did this course on Sunday, so even dodging the two vehicles that insisted on parking on the trail (see: that is why it is plowed..) I was still glad to be outside getting some sunshine.

I wondered if I’d be too sore to make it but I wasn’t.

Weight: 196 (198 with shorts, shirt and shoes, 203 with all of my sweat gear)