COVID finally got me

I think I let my guard down and went maskless in a public bathroom at a sporting event (basketball on Saturday, football on Sunday). Nevertheless on Tuesday, a routine workout felt way too hard (a 15:30 walking pace felt like 13) but I did not tie it into any specific thing.

Timeline: where I possibly got it:

basketball game on Saturday

Football game on Sunday (restroom?) or perhaps a visit with a family afterward.


Tuesday morning: unexpectedly hard workout; modest walking pace felt very hard.

Tuesday evening: itchy eyes, burning nose; feeling of angst

Tuesday late night: extremely frequent need to urinate (once an hour?), body aches, extreme fatigue; sort of “ran a hard marathon the day before” type of fatigue.

Tested at about 3:30 AM: see the above.

Wednesday day: fever came; climbed to 101. Fatigue. chills. Body aches. Started Paxlovid. Slept off and on.

Thursday: fever under control by Tylenol. A bit more energy; even did my back exercises in my room. Bad taste in my mouth due to Paxlovid. Slight cough.

I am hoping I test negative on Monday morning; I’d like to be able to start classes in person next week. Of course, I will wear a mask and be more diligent about masking.

The takeaway I almost didn’t test because, at the time I tested, I only had the nose burn and watery, itchy eyes. No loss of taste, no loss of smell, no cough, and really not much nasal discharge at all. I tested because I “felt awful”, had bodyaches and way too frequent urination.

Note: I got vaccinated and had all of the boosters, including the omicron specific one in September 2022. I also had the flu shot.