Strong medicine vs sanctimony

I saw this on Twitter and thought about it:

Disclaimer: I am not a believer but I get the idea about being accepting of groups/demographics that one does not belong to.

But back to the original post: the intent was to cast dispersion at conservatives; to puff up themselves by claiming the moral high ground. And in that setting, this is nothing more than a group attack on another group.

But, if one were to read this to their own group or to themselves, it can be quite powerful.

So doing this exercise: Jesus loves the Confederate flag wavers, the MAGA hat wearers, the flat earth people, the Bible thumpers, the creationist and anti-vax woo woos, as well as the horse paste eaters.

And to make it very personal…well, this is not the time and place to lay out my dark side for those to see, but there are certain qualities that I respect and..let’s just say that I disrespect the lack of said qualities …and “Jesus loves them too.” Tough medicine indeed.

New Year, old me

This came after PT and lifting.

It was in the 40’s but my watch really didn’t want to give me credit for distance.

The lifting: 10 x 134 10 x 184 (low)
10 x 265 4 inch, 10 x 280 8 inch. These went ok; my 184 reps showed me that the low position is not a good position for me to challenge myself.

Watched the Bradley Women play Drake; 35-30 Drake at the half, but a 22-8 run in the 3’rd quarter and 30-20 in the 4’th lead to a 87-58 pasting. Once again, we gave up lots of 3- point shots in the second half.