Friends with wacky beliefs

First: more ab work and then 5 sets of either 5 singles or 5 reps of pull ups outside.

I was ultra conservative on the effort: little to none at all. Back notes: some foot tingles later in the evening.

Today: better. Last night’s sleep was strange…some post nasal drip coughing and a weird anxiety but, overall, it went fine..if boring.

I did finish an admin task. I hope to work on course preparation tomorrow.

Now to the topic. It would be easy if people who have wacky beliefs were just all around crackpots. But, that is often not the case.

You have the excellent engineer who is a Bible thumping creationist. You have the salt of the earth person who would do anything for you, who is an anti-vaxxer..that was BEFORE covid. And you have the person who was vaccinated, now turned against it who is now pro ivermectin (based on the testimony of some rural Texas pharmacist)…who uses anecdotal evidence in favor of ivermectin and against the vaccine.

Guess what: I got my 5’th booster in September 2022, which is about the time my spondylolisthesis started to improve rapidly. So, should I consider this booster a recommended spondylolisthesis treatment? (of course not; I have to say that, given the way internet users are)

And so it goes; otherwise good, reasonably competent, successful people have wacky beliefs about one thing or another.

This post isn’t about why people sometimes fall into this trap or even how hard it is to draw a reasonable conclusion about truths (which are often STATISTICAL truths, not absolute truths for each individual). This isn’t even about “liberal vs conservative” crackpottery; sadly, crackpot ideas are bipartisan.

It is more about the fact that our friends, and, yes, us, hold some pretty nutty ideas; I’d probably be embarrassed to see mine exposed.