Fool’s Gold

The saga continues. Frankly, yesterday’s negative kind of surprised me. I did not feel quite that good. And last night: frequent urination again (not as bad as day 1). And low and behold: faint positive.

I was expecting this yesterday. But I feel ok as I type this and I got a few things done, took a micro walk (about 1/2 mile total) and did my back exercises. Push ups tomorrow with back, and online AGAIN.

Society It appears as if COVID is being accepted as being part of the background now, just another one of life’s risks. I really wish we had used this to invest in better air filtration systems for our schools, office buildings and the like.

I do like that we are going to go to some sort of “seasonal vaccine” to match the current strain. I’ll get one of those for sure. And I’ll probably become a regular mask wearer (indoor in large groups that I do not know), at least “in season.”