Still in COVID jail

I worked almost a full day on courses and committee work. All of it was from home. …on my bed. If I work in my downstairs office, I mask.

Jan 11 was my “day zero” where I had a peak viral load test; the question is: did I have it before that? I know that I was weak the day before; I still think it was the weekend sporting events.

But, I suppose it does not matter right now. What do I do going forward?

Test tomorrow morning; a positive means I am online this Wednesday. And certainly next week’s basketball games will be enjoyed via the TV or computer. And I am waiting for a negative test to start walking again, and we are talking 1-2 miles at a time. I do NOT want to make myself breathe hard. Same for lifting: light reps, deliberate reps, zero strain at first.

Today: almost full PT for my back and shoulders, and 5 sets of pull ups: mostly 5 singles, but one direct set of 5 too.

On my way back

I miscalculated. Wednesday, Jan 11, was “day 0” and today marks the end of “day 4”, and my 5’th day of Paxlovid. Signs: slightly tired (did more project work), oh so slight congestion (unremarkable in other circumstances), perhaps a very slight “chest burn” when laying down. No fever.

Progress is undeniable but the “positive line” is still there.

I did much of my PT outside (almost all of the exercises) and push ups: 20, 25, 25, with the first and 3’rd sets being on the incline. These tired me out oh-so-slightly.