still angered but

I wanted so much to get through COVID unscathed just to have, well, bragging rights. It wasn’t to be.

But thanks to the ability to rest (did a few hours of easy admin tasks) and Paxlovid..and other medicines, I am feeling much better. Not out of the woods as yet; I can feel my body warming up as I type this. I’ll take some more Tylenol; it has been effective.

Energy level: up from the day before; cleaned off the wife’s car, took out the trash …wait, that was yesterday…bad memory….

Did most of my core routine, then push ups: 10, 20, 20, as shown. Nothing dramatic; I did NOT want to get too out of breath.

Note: Tuesday: noticed that my workout was harder than it should have been; burning eyes, nose
Tuesday night: fatigue
Early Wed. morning: woken up by frequent need to urinate, body fatigue, aches, finally tested…massive positive
Online appointment, got Paxlovid prescribed.
Wed: slept off and on, felt awful; fever ranged from 99-101 for a lot of the day.

Wed night: slept better
Thursday; felt better; fever gone, but I was weak.

Today; stronger still, MUCH better, though far from 100 percent.
If you must know: fully vaccinated, both original boosters, Omicron booster too (5 shots)