5 th day after Moderna 2

I am mostly back to normal; maybe a bit off in terms of extra fatigue.

Deadlifts: I didn’t have the energy I had last Sunday and stopped after my 5 “low handle” worksets…part of it was injury paranoia.

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 3 x 224

Work sets: 3 x 271, 3 x 271, 3 x 271, 3 x 271, 3 x 276 a slight improvement from last week.

No stomach for a heavy single.

Then a 2 mile walk at 13:52; perfect weather. Quit RIGHT at the onset of pain; it was *almost* perfectly pain free.

Very slow off of the ground in the first work set (271)

My final set with 276 was better than my first set.