Getting worse, not better

I am not talking about my shoulder or piriformis.

Positivity rate in my zip: 11.7. Neighboring zip codes: 17, 18, 9.4

Not good. What is good is that the university is vaccinating faculty and students.

I get shot no. 2 in about 10 days.

As far as my piriformis: ache toward the end. felt good initially. shoulder: it seems to hurt the most when I re-rack the weights on shoulder press. That is how I hurt it initially. I wonder if I should try to lift off my shoulder presses the way I do bench presses (from high).

Walk: 14:28 pace on wet was rainy but I yearned to be outside.

pull ups: singles and sets of 5..not great (50 reps)

bench press: 10 x 114, 10 x 134 (sloppy..) 5 x 134 (touched), 10 x 134 (touched 9 reps)

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134

shoulder presses: 3 sets of 10 x 94..some pain the first time I reracked.

curls: 10 x 54