Resentment: toxic and intoxicating ….

My vaccine envy…yes it is illogical.

Would I rather I have a job where I couldn’t isolate from the public? No.

Would I rather be older than I am? No.

Would I rather I have a “non-optional” comorbidity? No.

Would I rather I regain all that weight..(to become obese again) or to take up smoking? No.

Would I rather I live in a red state where my current age make me eligible?

Not if it means not protecting essential workers first.

Not if it means that there is a lot of a vaccine left because I lived among COVID deniers, anti-maskers or conspiracy idiots.

The line is long where I live because of the blue collar nature of the place (lots of workers can’t isolate), poor public health (lots of fat smokers and others with comorbidities) and because …people here WANT to be vaccinated (a good thing). I note that my neighborhood store has masked patrons.

And let’s face it; I am busy this semester; I am teaching overload (tons of grading) fact just some this afternoon…and it isn’t as if I am going anywhere. I go to the office to teach (and had the option of teaching online only) I workout at home or in my neighborhood, maybe go get takeout or groceries, or to the drug store. That’s pretty much it.

Baseball doesn’t start until May 18 so…I have nowhere to go anyway.
Given I have type O blood, I am about as safe as any non-vaccinated person can be (only higher risk is age)

Nevertheless, resentment is hard to stop and my goodness, does the self-righteous feel good..even unjustified.

And the Republican politicians understand this in a way that Democrats do not, which is why the only reason we ever win is when the Republicans govern so incompetently.

Another take: