Counter intuitive

it seems as if the more hope appears on the horizon, the crankier I get.

About 22.5 percent of the US adult population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. On my personal level…it seems higher, precisely because I am of that age where my older “but still age peer” friends are just over our state’s 65 year cut off.

And yes, sometime next weekend we’ll invite our first guest over to eat with us; yes, she is vaccinated and it will be two weeks plus for her and my wife. And…we are staying close to home to…take care of ME. Imagine that.

The weather is nicer..a lot nicer, the glute injury is feeling a lot better, and even the sore shoulder (maybe 2-3 weeks more?) only keeps me from bench pressing, at least with a full range of motion. I can still deadlift, overhead press, do pull ups, etc.

Walking is better too.

And now I have students in the classroom; not many, but a few..and yes, the course was billed as being online.

So, why the crankiness? Some of it is my “hall monitor” personality; I’ve been super careful but many have not (and some have yes, gotten COVID and it is all I can do to keep from keeping some thoughts to myself.

And some of it is my natural tendency to get nervous toward the end of a challenge. In a marathon, the final 10K…in fact, that final 5K takes FOREVER, even when my pace hasn’t slowed that much. The final stretch of grading takes a long time…finishing a paper takes a long time..

It is a “oh come ON man…let’s finish this already!!!”

I am always most insufferable when the finish line is in sight.
And it is in sight.

I can say that I’ll probably reenter very slowly…

Dealing with it

Shoulder remains sore…though I think, improved a bit?

Emotionally: it was a good day, though I think the pandemic is finally getting to me a bit; I see so many getting vaccinated and I am champing at the bit for mine..knowing all the while that, in the name of fairness AND public health, others should come first.

And yes, others…people I used to like, are starting to grate on me. I suspect my friend’s list will be culled quite a bit afterward, and I know that my days of seeking out crowded events won’t return anytime soon.

Weird times.

And no, I am NOT looking forward to other things.

I know; this is a bit cryptic.


rotator cuff and hip hikes.

pull ups; sets of 10 singles (4 sets) then 2 sets of 5, very controlled, and above average quality.

Bench: 10 x 134 half-assed, 10 x 134 decent, 2 x 170; decided to stop there, then 10x 134. Not ready for full benches; maybe try some light pin presses on Tuesday.

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134 (0k)

shoulder press: 3 sets of 10 x 105 (pretty solid; ok)

curls: used 10 kg plates (perhaps 23 kg total?) 3 sets of 10.

Then: a reasonable walk; 5K at 14:48 mpm. The walk was almost totally pain free.

Note: my pull ups. Given I can do 10 pull ups (not done today, but I can do 10 respectable pull ups), you’d think I’d look better or look more muscular than I do. But I don’t. Sigh…


2’nd set of 10 singles

3’rd set of 10 singles

2 x 170 sore shoulder

10 x 134

10 x 105

Light curls