Got those “end of the lines” blues

When I read the stats…and realized that I’d be among the last 10 percent of the population to be vaccinated…it felt bad.

It feels worse now…especially when I am bugged about jury duty (got it moved to June but I won’t go if I am not vaccinated by then) bugged by the red cross, etc.

Yes, as I said before…I “get” why… I don’t have to like it.

I know..enough of my channeling my “inner toddler”…

Well, maybe not quite…I saw this when I got home:

My poor bat finally died.

And my wife leaves these for me to take in, though she is she one that uses it.

And that is how our marriage has gone; I’ve taken her to the hospital or doctor tons of times..I lift the things she can’t, etc.

And now..she is the one protected from COVID, so, in a sense, for the first prolonged time, I am in need of more protection that she does.

So, I’ll savor that I am physically stronger terms of being able to carry things. Grumble.

Yes, I was weepy when she got shot 2 but..I am just not used to the fact that when she goes out, she wears a mask…to protect me.

I am just not used to that.

That was the walk. some pain from 2.5 miles onward. Not severe.