Rambling thoughts about life

Ok, I am drinking coffee, getting ready to work out and wondering about what lifts to do (slightly sore shoulder, which IS improved) I’ll cross that bridge at the appropriate time.

So, about the vaccines: I am reading about states (Utah, Indiana) that have lowered the age. Michigan (a sort-of blue state) might do so soon.

Ours: nope. Illinois is a blue state, and ahead of me are ..well, just about everyone else. Reason: I can work remotely and do not have comorbidities (though at 61, I am somewhat of an elevated risk).

But were I say, to regain my weight, I’d be eligible as obesity is a comorbidity.

And so it goes with living in a blue state: if you do anything to better yourself, you get kicked in the nuts. (improve the house: taxes go up. Make more money: more state taxes. Show up for jury duty: you get asked again and again…)

Yes, from a public health standpoint, it make sense to vaccinate the prisoners and the obese and..yes, the smokers …before me. Prisoners can’t isolate; the obese and the smokers are more likely to end up in the hospital and spread it to others. Me: personally conservative, remote work options, etc. My risk of infection and of spreading it is low.

And the other states…OMG…yeah, I might be higher on the list there, but as to how they treat people. In Illinois, grocery store clerks (among others) were eligible for the vaccine, *as they should be.* That isn’t true elsewhere..including in states where they are dropping mask mandates.

Sorry..but my being bumped up a little in line isn’t worth it.

Blue states can be annoying. Liberals can be ignorant sanctimonious jerks.

But “cancelling Mr. Potato Head and a few Dr. Seuss books” is not nearly on the same level of viewing people as disposable.

Liberals might yell at me to “check my privilege” (or whatever BS du jour) but at least they’ll do it through a mask.

Note: there is some hope; I’ve read where, in Illinois, professors might be put in 1C and this could happen at the end of March.

Life in general

One of the things I’ve learned in life is how tenuous a “good position” in life can be. And I tend to view common behavior as reckless.

This might mean that I miss out, but this also means that I tend to build up some reserve for “rainy days”…only to be taxed higher to cover those who didn’t.
Yes, I live in a blue state. LOL.

But…well, the current Republicans are so frigging incompetent and, well, classless; my chances of becoming one of them is, well, zero.