Stormy weather

So, after yoga, it was to the track for 48 laps of lane 3 (7.5 laps to the mile, or 6.4 miles)

11:25, 10:57, 10:51, 10:50, 10:26, 9:57 (1:04:29). The last 16 laps (just over 2 miles) was…well.. actually work. That is sad. Weight: 185 (187.5 with shoes and shorts).

Yoga: I saw a video of a class going from crow to plank in one move; this video shows how to practice that move:

Should the Democrats in the House attempt to impeach Trump?

Yes, I am well aware that the Senate won’t even take it up, much less get 2/3. And frankly, I wonder if there are even enough votes in the House; Democrats in Congress say that there is little pressure from voters to pursue impeachment. And Fareed Zakaria explains why he thinks it is a bad idea:

I agree. Of course, when Zakaria starts out by saying “consider, for a moment, what the growing talk of impeachment among Democrats sounds like to the tens of millions of people who voted for Donald Trump…” and many of the liberal hot heads will tune out.

Still, impeachment IS overturning the results of the last election…it is that serious.