No old people, you cannot go home again…

Trump is actively targeting older people in his ads and it appears that much of it is “let’s try to make the country what it once was” in terms of, well, demographics. What is interesting is that we are going to need MORE new workers to come in and pay taxes to prop up things like Social Security and Medicare, and one way to do that is to, well, welcome legal immigrants…perhaps more of them. And those who want to come here are, well, “exotic looking” to many of the olds. (that is, non-white, non-western European in culture).

In reality our culture was never perfectly static, and it will never be.

Personally, I think it is great that I can live in a midwestern decaying rust belt town (ok, I don’t like the “decaying rust belt” part) and still have choices of Indian, Thai, Mexican and Middle Eastern food. And, much of what I enjoy (e. g. yoga) was brought here by others.

But, in some sense, I “get” the yearning for “how it was”, but in my case, I think that I miss the days when my body worked better.

I just lifted weights and was struck by, how over time, I’ve become weaker and weaker. The 300 lb. bench press from 1992-1993 is gone forever. 20+ pull ups at one time is probably gone forever. When 19-20 year old male who is within shouting distance of my size lifts, they will be stronger than I (if they are at all experienced). And in the campus 5K runs, I’ve moved from top 10 percent to the median in my finishes.

So there is a longing for days gone by but…the culture of new immigrants has little to do with it.

Workout notes: weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10), incline, 10 x 135, 4 x 150, decline: 7 x 165, military: 15 x 50 seated, 10 x 45, 10 x 40, rows: 2 sets of 10 x 50 single arm, 10 x 110 machine, usual pt, plank, goblet squats (trying to keep as vertical as possible), etc.

Weight: 188, knee rehab: now 4 lb. medicine ball only. Slightly sore back.

Chiefs 2 Lumberkings 1: fast moving pitcher’s duel

What a game. For 8.5 innings, save two home runs (1 by each team), the pitching ruled; Clinton’s starting pitcher went 7 innings and gave up 3 hits, one HR and struck out 8. The Chief’s pitcher went 8 innings, gave up 4 hits and struck out 8. But it was still 1-1 going into the top of the 9’th when the Chiefs got 2 singles with no outs..then struck out twice. The next batter walked to load the bases with 2 outs and a single won the game.

As I write this, Bradley and Illinois are going into the 9’th inning in Champaign with Bradley up 12-8..but in this slugfest, no lead is safe. Note: they are 3:18 into the game; the Chief’s game went a snappy 2:13 with a lot of 1-3 pitch outs.

I won’t be able to sleep until I know how this turns out…

Ok…BU wins 12-8!!!