Deadlift progress

Yesterday: deadlifts, a bit of rehab and 31 minutes on the bike. Perhaps longer today? I should walk SOME just to practice.

Deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 warm up (low)

moved to my bigger bar; 2 sets of 3 x 260 seemed too easy 3 x 262 on my smaller bar (to check), back to the bigger one: 2 sets of 3 x 270 (all sets done every 3 minutes)

Then 1 try at 300 low handles: got it; challenging but not all that hard. I talked myself out of trying a second rep (“don’t hurt yourself”)

Then 5 x 274 at 4 inch handles to finish (felt ok)

Note: glute tingles still there off and on… shoulder: mild ache every so often.

Update: winding 3 mile walk mostly on campus; 15:30 pace, with stretch stops at .6, 1.3, 2, 2.6. I tried to avoid pain; it was a bit whiny at the start. Did some rehab and some bike (2 miles) with stretching first.

I did have a misfire on 274 when I forgot to take off an 11 lb. plate on one side.

Never take things for granted (sports)

I admit that I didn’t think much of the Bradley vs. Howard game coming up; I knew that Howard was a very weak MEAC team that had not won much..if at all over the past few seasons. Then: Howard raced to a 19-3 lead, built the lead to 22 points in the second half and had the lead at 18 with 1:40 or so to go in the game and ended up winning 76-64…in a game that was not nearly as close as the final score made it look. So much for taking it for granted.

Then in the evening..we were at a hotel while the pain in our remodeled bathroom dried up..I watched the second half of the Texas vs Kansas football game. I had started watching Notre Dame at Virginia but the Irish had that one well in hand…and I saw, via ESPN, what was happening in the Texas game, so I switched it there. Kansas lead 14-0 before Texas tied it..then a 1 minute sequence in the second half happened:

Second half: Texas score to get it to 35-21; Kansas then ran it down the Longhorns’ throat to move to 42-21 But then Texas appeared to rally; it was 42-35 going into the 4’th.

Then came the surprise ending.
Kansas got a TD drive to go up 49-35. Texas got a blocked punt then cut it to one score 49-42.

Then a late drive…Kansas intercepts with 1:07 to go to stop it..but Texas has 3 time outs. A weak punt gives Texas great field position and they tie it with 22 seconds to go.
Then came the overtime:

The fans may have left the game before the overtime:

Texas took the lead but a 15 yard penalty gave Kansas a closer starting position for their drive. Then run it in to cut it to 56-55 and then…go for 2.

And so some unexpected drama went on. Note: ok, a 1-8 team beats a 4-5 team does not sound THAT shocking…but Kansas over Texas in FOOTBALL does. Go figure.

Now, if I had to rank “my” football teams:

  1. Notre Dame; not even close
  2. Illinois …yes, Illinois would beat Texas right now.
  3. Texas..bad season but still with some athletes
  4. Navy…bad season sans the athletes Texas has.


Well, I got my booster yesterday, and not a moment too soon. Cases have been 2 an hour in the local area, and some of my extended family have gotten it.

Workout: Thursday: yoga, then track walking; 24 laps in 42:30 with 8 lap segments being 14:30, 14:10, 13:50. (1.0159 miles per 8 laps) or about 3.05 miles total, 13:56 average pace. I did stretch every mile and got uncomfortable at times.

Note: weight was finally under 200 (198.9 on the Riverplex scale)

Today: pull ups (10 singles, 3 sets of 10, 2 sets of 5), push ups (20/10 (sissy, full), 20/10 (sissy/full), 20 sissy, 20 feet elevated. ok.

Indoor: curls (3 sets of 10), rows (3 sets of 10 x 116), shoulder press: 10 x 80, 10 x 86, 10 x 80)

Rehab (side planks and the like), chest taps, etc. then 31 minutes on the exercise bike .

Now: a bit tired..want to go to the NFL game this Sunday but don’t want to drive 3.5 hours each way.

M, Tu, W

Tonight: sort of rough; I had to struggle to ferret out a spreadsheet error in class…eventually I did.

Mad scramble..still in pandemic mode, too few faculty, etc.

Workout notes:
Monday: pull ups (had 4 sets of 10, 5, 5, 5, 5 (2 were chin ups), push ups (4 sets of 20, 2 of 10..2 of the 20 were feet elevated), curls, (3 sets of 10) rows (3 sets of 10) and shoulder presses: 10 x 80, 85, 80 (some whining on the 85), rehab and 31 minutes bike

Tuesday: yoga, 5K outside; stopped at 16, 31, 40 minutes. 15:40-ish pace

Wednesday: pull ups (40 singles, 7, 5, 5, 5), push ups: 2 sets of 20 sissy, 3 sets of 10 touch the bowl, 1 set of 20 feet elevated, 10 more sissy.

Deadlifts (plumber showed up..) 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 226 (low), 10 x 250 4 inch, 10 x 270 8 inch.

My current side plank: needs work.

Back from Notre Dame vs Navy

And my only regret..besides Navy not winning, is that I didn’t get to watch Illinois beat Minnesota 14-6. The Illini are no longer a joke; if you under-estimate them you could be in trouble, even if you are a good team.

But..Illinois is not at a level to handle the opponent’s A game…not yet.

Yesterday: left about 7:30, which was somewhat too early, but not a LOT too early. Parked at the White Field (cheap Stub-hub parking pass); got a deal on “preferred seating” via Stubhub too.

The drive, with brief stops, is 4 hour-ish each way.

Ok, the game: ND won as expected 34-6, though Navy lead 3-0 after one, it was tied at 3 until 3 minutes to go in the first half and also had a long, time consuming drive in the 3’rd to cut the lead to 17-6.

But ultimately, ND was too much.

Ultimately, it was a great experience, except for the score.

Note: what really struck me was how full the place was 30 minutes to kickoff. At Illinois, the game itself isn’t that full; 30 minutes to kick off it is quite empty.

Last shot: teams stood with each other for each other’s song. Class act.

Dialing it back

I had to honor an oh-so-achy shoulder. So I dialed pushups back a bit.

rehab moves, pull ups: 1 set of 20 singles, 2 sets of 10, 4 sets of 5 (including chins) push ups: 3 sets of 2o sissy, 1 set of 20 feet elevated, 1 set of 20 regular.

deadlifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184

work sets: 10 x 226, 10 x 250 (4 inch), 10 x 270 (8 inch)

31 minutes bike, stretching.

Glute: tingles…still there..the stalker injury.

Catch up

Semester is heating up..lots to do…

Monday: weights (pull ups; sets of 10 singles, 10, 5..60 total reps), rehab (banded walks..kind of slacked on those), rehab, push ups (20, 20 sissy, 20, 20 feet elevated, 10, 10 full to the bowl..note: the full came right after sissy)

indoor: curls (3 sets of 10), rows 3 sets of 10 x 114, and shoulder presses: 10 x 75, 10 x 80, 10 x 80. Getting almost to normal..ok, there is a ways to go yet.

Then rehab (planks), bike 31:30

Today: yoga (great lunges/warrior 1), walk: kind of rough, but 3.1 miles at 15:48, with breaks at .68, 1.33, 2.05, 2.6 still kind of whiny..but it has been worse.

I am not *quite* ready to announce that my shoulder is healed, but it is much, much, much better.

Illini revert to form: lose to Rutgers 20-14

Ok, this was a Big Ten game where two evenly matched team played hard..and reasonably well; no turnovers, few penalties.

So, from this fan’s perspective, the game was fun to the final result.

But as far as the game went: Rutgers outplayed us for most of the game. The Illini did tie the the game 7-7 off a nice touchdown pass; best of the season:

Rutgers took the lead 10-7 after a drive but the Illini countered with a drive followed by a very nice ..touchdown pass to the tight end..

And so it was 14-10 Illini at the half. I told my buddy that I had no idea as to who would win the football game.

Defenses ruled in the 3’rd quarter (Rutgers missed a field goal into the wind) and in the 4’th, Rutgers excellent punting paid off. The Illini were pinned deep. Rutgers ran some nifty quarterback keeps and hit some passes to take a 17-14 lead and another running dominated drive ended in a short field goal; it was 20-14 with just over 3 minutes to play.

The Illini managed to rally but the running plays consumed time…and it was just over 1:3x to go with 3’rd down and 2. An up the middle run gained 1.5 yards. But on 4’th down, a toss sweep was stuffed in the backfield and Rutgers took over, converted a 3’rd down on a spectacular quarterback keep and ran out the clock.

Navy 20 Tulsa 17

The night before, I caught this one on TV. And Navy came away with a hard fought 20-17 win over the Golden Hurricane…and had some huge plays.

  1. Navy made a 46 yard field goal.
  2. On this play, the Navy defensive back did not give up. He denied the Tulsa WR a touchdown..and it turns out Navy held Tulsa to a field goal on that possession.

Navy also got a lucky…ok, maybe “make your own luck” interception which denied Tulsa the touchdown

So, Navy played hard but had some luck.


Final shot: Rutgers field goal drive to seal the win.