How boring my “usual” life is

I’ve been MORE active than normal online. But some of that has been professional, some has been via zoom, etc.

Much of it: I’ve been spending time getting resources for students and making adjustments to my courses.

I’ve done some bland errand running (groceries, drug store, take out food) and the last “inessential” thing I did was a pick up on exercise equipment, which I plan to assemble today. By the end of the day, I should be able to do just about every exercise at home, save incline and decline bench presses. I’d added bar dips and curls and bent over rows..and power cleans. In good weather: clean and presses. And, of course, runs and walks. Workout updates below.

Society: Ideally, we’d like to drive down the cases while learning more, so that we can then do “the dance” with the virus: be able to respond effectively to minor outbreaks.

Will that happen? Ugh…we are so divided and Republicans are still skeptical. I am fortunate in that I tend to associate with liberals. And yes, I know…even at its worst, the virus will NOT kill us all, but it would kill a small percentage of a very large country, in part, due the virus itself, and in part due to other sick people (sick from other things) not being able to get care from an over-taxed medical system.

Some people are warming to Trump’s handling of the cases. But remember the norm is to really rally around the President, (like we did around W after 9/11) and that is not happening.

Workout update: yesterday: 6.4 mile walk (1:44..very slow walk)