What is so off-putting about the Warren campaign …

First: nice yoga session, then a 10K-ish run (5 miles plus 3 extra goose loops) in 1:22. Slow but I didn’t care.
Sleep: not so good. Weight: 193 (195 with shoes and shorts)

Super Tuesday is coming up and I don’t know how it will go. I do know that many academics support Elizabeth Warren….highly educated, mostly white and heavily female. But Warren has not gone much past that.

I still believe part of the problem is that she really isn’t a natural politician; witness her low constituent approval rating (Morning Consult)

Witness that in 2012, she was outperformed by Obama by 7 points (she ran for election in 2012 vs. R. Scott Brown).

Some of it is speaking, stage presence, etc.

I think there may be something else going on.

Consider this image (a sponsored one)

Note the sign.

Warren really reminds me of the type who attempts to obtain information and perspectives about a community from self-styled “activists” …many who really do not speak for anyone other than themselves.

Seriously…consider this Latinix thing. Hardly anyone in Latin communities embrace this term; this is mostly a college campus/”activist” sort of thing. I do not use the term.

Her campaign seems to openly embrace wokeness…and that is just not a winning campaign strategy, no matter how popular it is in UU churches and in liberal arts colleges.

And the attitude of her supporters do not help things; this is typical:

So winning a US Senate seat under your own steam (middle class roots) at 29 years of age is “mediocre”? Being VP for 8 years is “mediocre?” OMG…
(I deleted identifying information on the tweet as I have no desire to attack the individual stating it..but rather to show what is a very common attitude among Warren supporters)

For more about her supporters: yes, they tend to live in bubbles and are just shocked when they find out that THEY are the ones who are out of touch.

And yes, I know that Warren has lower middle class roots, and worked her way up. She is brilliant …hard working and very successful. I am proud that she is a Democrat. But I really don’t think that she “gets” what makes for a winning campaign. I see her as more of the “super genius specialist” that can solve problems.