Illinois State home opener and IVS Half Marathon

Yesterday, I was a bit of a slug; I jogged 4 miles (untimed), watched Illinois hold off Connecticut 31-23 and then drove to Normal to watch Illinois State beat Morehead State 42-14.

The game: ISU got the ball and drove for a touchdown; the key play, if there was one, was a long pass. Then on the next drive, pick 6 and with was 14-0 with 12 minutes to go in the first quarter.

It never got better for Morehead; the Pioneer League team (bottom rated FCS conference) was completely over matched, in terms of athletes.

It was 21-0 when an Illinois State fumble gave them the ball inside the 15, and they managed one first down, but were repelled.

It was 35-0 at the half. Second half: ISU played a LOT of people and won 42-14 in a game that really wasn’t that close.

Total yards: 489-252, but even that gap was deceptive; Morehead got much of that vs. the ISU reserves.

This morning: I power walked the IVS half marathon (a very tough, hilly, gravelly course). Sadly, there were only 40 finishers. The course is interesting and well organized. But..well, no bells and whistles…certainly NOT a PR course….it is really “a trail half marathon on the road” so to speak.

And I walked a personal worst: 2:54:21. I’ve never been that slow in a walking half before; it was an ugly positive split: 1:22:30/3:01:51 I had company (sort of) for the first half…second half, the quarter marathon finishers left the course and it was me being left in the dust by Julie.
1: 11:57 (too fast)
2: 23:47 (way too fast)
4: 48:23
5: 1:01:37 (uphill)
8: 1:41:19
9: 1:55:37
10: 2:09:36
11: 2:23:55
12: 2:38:43
13.1 2:54:21

and it was an effort.

So…I wasn’t really was more that I was taken aback at how age is affecting me. It is the Gompertz law: I am at an age (60) where the downward slide is accelerating. I lose more ability per year than I did 10 years ago; I am significantly worse that I was even 4-5 years ago, and it is not due to excessive weight (I am at 188-190) nor due to a lack of effort, though I cannot train as much as I once did. My abilities are declining, period, and I need to adjust, especially at my upcoming marathon.

Yes, my form became flat footed but that was due to a lack of concentration and fatigue; I CAN do something about that. But even with better form..I am still slower, period.

Past half marathon walks

September 2003: 2:17 (Appleton Fox-Cities powerwalk division)
January 2008: Austin 30K 3:50:56 (about 2:40 for the half marathon split)
September 2008: 2:25:13 Quad Cities
September 2010: 2:39:13 Quad Cities (surgery that summer)
September 2011: 2:40:53 IVS
September 2011: 2:22 Quad Cities
January 2012: 2:34 First Light
June 2012: 2:30:18 Galesburg
September 2012: 2:24:46 IVS
April 2014: 2:25:26 Peoria Heights
May 2014: 2:19:15 Peoria
September 2014 2:35 (IVS)
September 2014 2:24:17 Quad Cities
September 2015 2:38:13 IVS
June 2017: 2:47:24 Galesburg
July 2017 2:42:19 Chicago RR
August 2017 Mahomet Half marathon 2:52:33
October 2018 Whisky Daddle Half Marathon 2:29:23
September 2019: 2:54:21 IVS