Forced errors in sports…

Workout notes: untimed “Cornstalk Classic” 4.2 mile route..easy walk after a thunderstorm. The taper really starts in earnest. And yes, I am feeling springier…

From my past days: back during my freshman year, I took a wrestling test to see if I could place out of wrestling class. I had two friends who wrestled each other, and both placed out. And…yes, I had defeated BOTH of them of them very easily..during the summer intramural matches. And they placed out.

But I had to face a guy who was recruited to wrestle for our varsity team. And he went on to win varsity matches as a freshman, against top flight competition. Needless to say, I looked horrible against him. When I tried a move..he wasn’t there anymore; he was way too quick for me. I looked terrible and flunked.

(side note: so I went to class, made an A and the guy facing reality I had no business in that class because I had wrestled before…ARGH!!)

The point is: I looked inept and hopeless when I went up against someone too athletic for me.

I think that the same thing applies in football; a team will get a lot of holding penalties when its offensive line is matched up against defenders who are too quick for them.

(by the way, the above was NOT called…in yesterday’s game, an Illinois guy got flagged and you could see him pull the shirt of the defender from the stands…)