Bridge to Bridge 2019

Workout this morning: Yoga with Ms. V, then an easy 5 mile walk. Back is a bit sore; had better take it easy in the weight room tomorrow.

Yesterday: Bridge to Bridge 4 mile. I’ll post the history after I bring my old blog back (though I’ll stick with this blog from now on)

The skinny: 60’s, decent weather; picked up Tracy, warmed up just over a mile with very dead legs (20.37 walk yesterday, which included 10 miles in 2:09)

I didn’t get my splits though I do remember being 18:20 at the half way clock..finished in 36:53 (which included the Cedar Street Bridge climb and down).
The key is that I kept it steady until I saw a I really think that I should be beating. He was way ahead so in the long straight away I picked it up to catch him; I couldn’t (21 seconds) but I had wish I had gotten it in gear earlier. I think that I held back for too long.

Still, I’ve done worse..but still I am sliding.

2012: 35:29 for 4.2
2013 33:38
2014: 34:37 (140/531, 102/249 male)
2015: 36:18
2016: 35:28 (139/421, 96/189 male)
2018: 39:58
2019: 36:53 (148/314, 100/148 male)

I’ve slid from “median male” to “median finisher.”

But..I had fun and here are my photos…all have meaning for me for one reason or another: