My thoughts on impeachment

Yesterday’s workout: yoga with Nancy, 2 mile run on the treadmill (21:53; slightly sore back), 2 mile walk outside)

Issue of the day: impeachment inquiry. Here is a synopsis of what happened with respect to Ukraine: it appears as if Trump tried to shake down their get them to investigate Hunter Biden, who was on the board of an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian company.

Yes, Trump may well have committed “impeachable offenses” but that does not require the House to actually impeach.

It appears that the House now has a majority to at least support the inquiry.

So, what should the House do? I think it is hard to predict what will happen.

One one hand, some talk about holding Trump accountable.

On the other hand, any impeachment is really a cancellation of other people’s votes and, well, this plays into the very worst stereotypes about today’s liberals: WE KNOW what is best for you and you MUST listen to us. Many of today’s liberals are like the old Bible beaters in that respect.

How Trump supporters *might* see it: some chose him precisely because he is the “folk hero” who cuts through all of that red tape and “just does it” directly. Did he bend a few rules here and there? Well, sure…but RESULTS by god. And Trump did nothing that Bush and Obama didn’t do…but Bush and Obama “colored within the lines” and maybe Trump was a bit rougher and unpolished. Hey, they ALL do that…but the non-Trumps just use the fancy bullshit language that lawyers use to do the SAME THING.

So, don’t expect Trump supporters to change.

And here we are.

Personally, I’d rather Trump be defeated at the ballot box. Sure, the House D’s can vote to impeach and my guess is that the Senate won’t remove (you need 2/3 there). But there might be some value to televise parts of the investigation to let the public see for themselves, and then just maybe enough votes in key swing states will be flipped.

I want to see the COUNTRY reject him and they way to do that is via the ballot box.