No one HAS to listen to you (well, almost no one…)

I am struck by what I read on social media: people pen (ok, “pen” doesn’t quite work any more, does it? 🙂 ) articles like: “7 rules for (insert group of people you are angry with here)”, or “10 things you have to quit doing right now..” etc.

Reality: unless you have something that others want, no one has to listen to you. Players have to listen to coaches if they want playing time. Workers have to listen to their boss if they want continued employment. Students have to listen if they want a good grade and class credit. And one “has to” listen to those whose company that they want.

But you have to have something that others want; that is, people need a reason to listen to you. And saying “I have the Word of God” or “I am in special protected class X” isn’t sufficient.

In my case: does the person saying something have special accomplishments? (star athlete, top expert (e. g. Paul Krugman, Steven Pinker, etc.) Do they have a history of making correct predictions, or does there analysis help you better understand what is going on? Or even: are they entertaining to listen to?

Anyway, that is my unsolicited 2 cents. Or perhaps, it is 2/10’th of a cent.

Workout notes: yesterday, yoga with Ms. V and a 5 mile run. I might walk in the morning and then do a super quick (30 minute) upper body workout. Yes…taper time.