Sore back…and impeachment

Yeah, my back is sore so I just lifted. And when I lift with a sore back, I get very strict about my cheating.

pull ups: 4 sets of 10 (last few not quite up there), 3 sets of 5. Very careful with body control.
rotator cuff
incline: 6 x 135
decline: 10 x 155
military (machine): 3 sets of 10
rows (machine) 3 sets of 10
lots of back and yes, 2:30 plank
goblet squats (good depth) 6 x 35 , 6 x 50
I took my time and did not rush.

Trump and Ukraine: this gives a good synopsis.

About Hunter Biden (Joe’s son)

As vice president, Mr. Biden pushed the Ukrainian government in 2015 to fire its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was widely seen as an obstacle to reform because he failed to bring corruption cases. At the time, Mr. Biden’s son sat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings.

Mr. Trump and his allies have insinuated, without evidence, that Mr. Biden was trying to protect the company from prosecution. An investigation into him, even if it were unfounded or turned up no evidence of a crime, could damage his campaign prospects by suggesting wrongdoing.

Get that: as VP, Biden wanted the prosecutor to BRING MORE corruption charges and Trump is hinting that Biden was pressuring them because they wanted to bring corruption charges. That is illogical.

I think this is less complicated than the Russian election interference situation.

Nevertheless, I am deeply skeptical that the D’s even have enough votes in the House to impeach ..and forget about conviction in the Senate.

What is Speaker Pelosi up to? I think that this is a reasonable summary.

My wild guess is that this isn’t going to change anything…it is just one more act to the reality show.

What we preach and what we do… (NSFW)

I noticed that many liberals are all over Ivanka Trump for her blouse that shows the outline of her nipples.

I am sort of “well, women have those and sometimes…well, “whoops” and I let it go at that. Yes, I do remember a time at an Indian buffet where my spouse wore tight khaki pants with bright green granny underpants that showed right through…(and I didn’t have a camera).

and I am reminded of another famous feminist, Victoria Bateman who is a Cambridge economics professor and often takes off ALL of her clothes during public lectures; she is always preaching against shaming women for being immodestly dressed. And yes, she is no fan of Trump.

Bottom line: if you don’t like someone, you are going to try to ding them on anything you can.

Workout notes: yoga then 1 mile (11:40) jog on the treadmill (sore back), 2 mile walk outside (ok).

Other note: yes, I am aware that Nancy Pelosi is opening up an impeachment inquiry.

And no, the D’s do NOT have the votes as yet; for example, my US Rep (IL-17..narrowly won by Trump) is a “no/not yet” at this time.

D’s right now are 202 in favor of at least an inquiry, 33 “no/not yet” and of course, 0 R’s.